Getting Started

Welcome to CreatedBy_ The Future Connected

Our connected ecosystem works with official CreatedBy_ NFC tags and our Connect iOS app. After purchasing and receiving the number of NFC tags needed for your connected goods project from our store, follow these simple steps. 

Note: To create a CreatedBy_ Connected Good a NFT (non-fungible token) must be created of each good you wish to connect before you encode our NFT tags. Currently we support NFTs minted on Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, with more blockchains coming soon. If you need help with minting NFTs feel free to Contact Us.


Step 1
Download and launch the CreatedBy_ Connect application on your mobile phone

Step 2
Select the Encode Button

Step 3
Click to select the blockchain of your minted NFT

Step 4
Type in the NFT Creator's Name

Step 5
Paste the NFT Token Address

Step 6
Paste the NFT Token ID

Step 7
Select Verify NFT Info

Step 8
Place the CreatedBy_ NFC Tag on a non-metal surface for encoding

Step 9
Select Encode Phygital NFT

Step 10
Hold the top of your iPhone to the NFC tag until you receive a sound and message that the encoding is complete.

Success! The CreatedBy_ NFC tag is now encoded.

How To Authenticate

Note: CreatedBy_ NFC tags can be activated and authenticated by any mobile phone without the app.

Step 1
Select the Activate Button

Step 2
Hold the top of your iPhone to the CreatedBy_ NFC tag

Success! The CreatedBy_ NFC tag has now been Authenticated.

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If you receive an error in the process Contact Us we would be happy to help you!

CreatedBy_ The Future Connected by You!